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  • Engage Visitors
  • Increase Tourism Spending
  • Generate Revenue

What Customers Say

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We've noticed citizens constantly stopping by to view the information the kiosk automatically displays, as well as manually scrolling to view other announcements and going to the different apps/widgets such as weather and directory to find out more info. Our city is proud to display this HootBoard.” 


Director of Communications, Government

Apps that Deliver

The digital kiosk draws in visitors with valuable apps and information that allow you to serve your message alongside curated content.

Why HootBoard

Best In Class Applications
HootBoard’s partner ecosystem allows customers to use existing cloud-based applications instead of having to build their own.

Easy Content Updates 
Simple social media-like posting paired with approvals ensures that multiple members of your team can contribute. Your kiosk content is never stale.

Promoted Content
HootBoard clients can finance their kiosk investments by allowing partners and members to easily advertise on the display.

Continuous Improvement
The kiosk experience improves over time as application and software capabilities increase, benefitting all HootBoard clients.

HootBoard’s Solution for Destination Organizations

Generate Revenue
Drive extra revenue for your destination organization through promoted content, business listings, and relevant ad placements.

Engage Visitors
Help visitors and residents find attractions, information, and more. Increase word-of-mouth and repeat visits among tourists.

Increase Tourism Spending
Drive visitor spending through increased engagement. Encourage additional overnight hotel stays and repeat visits.