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VisitorHub™ For Hotels

Seamlessly engage, inform, and delight your guests 

Your visitors want to quickly acclimate to a destination, know its history, discover activities that resonate with their interests, and ultimately come to feel and be knowledgeable like locals.

Make Your Guests' Feel At Home

Effortlessly share stunning content on your screens with an easy-to-use backend editor. Add images, videos, text, and videos easily.

Working remotely? No worries. Use HootBoard mobile app to share content.

Create & Publish Your Posts In Just 30 seconds

Simple yet powerful user experience enhances and elevates visitors’ engagement.

Our suite of dynamic apps caters to diverse interests and needs of different users.

Smartphone-Like User Experience

Guests To Ambassadors With SelfieBooth

Selfies allow guests to capture their happy stay in your hotel. It promotes your hotel as a landmark through branded overlays. Converting your guests into your ambassadors.

Smart Wayfinding helps visitors discover, navigate, and make the most of the urban adventure. Empower citizens and welcome visitors to your city with intuitive Wayfinding.

Smart Wayfinding

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Elevate Guest Experience

Reserve Your HootBoard VisitorHub™ for only $9 NOW!
Pay the remaining balance within 6 Months.

Seamlessly post and organize multimedia content from your Website, Social Media and App.
Enable easy consumption for visitors, categorizing information under various key features

Integrates With Your Website & Mobile App

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Empower Your Guests By Providing Useful Information About Your Destination

Prebook VisitorHub™ for $9

1. What is HootBoard VisitorHub™?
HootBoard VisitorHub™ is designed to enhance the visitor experience and to promote the local economy. The solution is a combination of a state-of-the-art dynamic touch-kiosk and features like CityGuide™, List Creator, SelfieBooth™, and even local advertising solutions for businesses. VisitorHub™ is a showstopper for lobbies, visitor centers, and expansive areas. With easily customizable content, the VisitorHub™ takes center stage, captivating visitors while delivering essential information in a visually stunning manner.

2. Why should I pre-book the HootBoard VisitorHub™ now?
HootBoard is offering a Holiday Special offer to DMOs, Hotels, Attractions, SmartCities, and Universities to Pre-Book the VisitorHub™ for only $9 and pay the remaining balance in 6 Months.

3. Is the $9 refundable?
Yes, the $9 is completely refundable.

4. When do I need to pay the remaining amount?
As you complete the pre-booking, our team will reach out with further documentation and invoicing.

5. What is the remaining amount I need to pay?
Depending on the model of your choice, you will be required to pay the balance amount after deducting the $9.

6. How and where can I pay the remaining amount?
Our team will be with you every step of the way to make it as smooth as possible and will be reaching out with the required information.

7. I have a question not covered here, how can I reach out?
For further queries, you can reach out to sales@hootboard.com.

8. What do I get with this HootBoard VisitorHub™?
HootBoard VisitorHub™ is a state-of-the-art solution consisting of a sleek and sophisticated 49” or a 55” Touch-Kiosk with features to enhance visitor engagement as well as promote local economy.

9. Do I need to pay anything extra or above what is mentioned?
Additional costs might include semi-annual to annual maintenance like air filter replacements for outdoor models. Also, some services like content management by agency partners may incur extra fees.

10. When can I get the delivery?
This is decided as a part of your communication with our team members based on availability and your convenience.

11. How can I set it up?
HootBoard kiosks can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Setup details will be provided upon purchase.

12. Do I need anything extra apart from the VisitorHub™ to set it up?
A hardwired data connection is recommended for better experience and security, though WiFi can be used if the connection is strong and reliable. Public access WiFi is not recommended.

13. Do I need to install it myself?
HootBoard’s installation team and our customer support will be available for installation activities end to end.

14. What kind of support would Hootboard provide?
Hootboard offers comprehensive customer support, including email and phone assistance, alongside a detailed online knowledge base for self-service troubleshooting. Direct contact with our customer service team is recommended for specific queries and technical issues.

HootBoard VisitorHub™ comforts your guests with all the important information, easily accessible on the Touch Kiosk. Works like a personal concierge service to create a memorable stay. 

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